The ascension conference

by cobra

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Program of the conference

SATURDAY December 3rd

NDA & Check In


New cosmic cycle

Galactic superwave and solar micronova event

dynamics of the portal 2025

Lunch break

Physics of the quarantine

Black holes and inverted grid

subquantum and quantum anomaly

false vacuum metastability event

atvor activation

Sunday December 4th

planetary RESET

Collapse of Metastable society

wef reset versus galactic reset

reality shaping breakthrough

Lunch break

galactic wave of love

Return of the goddess

1775 timeline and Paris / versailles vortex

Ascension Conference



Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. This conference is about the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It contains information and guidance about this special time and the planetary dimensional shift, never before revealed on this planet.

The conference will be conducted in English and translated into French. The conference will include new advanced intel integrated with energetic work.

Non-disclosure agreement must be signed by each participant. Legal action may be taken against violators of the non-disclosure agreement according to local and international law.

  • No photography or recording.
  • Topics presented may be subject to change.
  • Force Majeure / Act of God : in case of serious global disruptions in financial or transportation systems, war or covid-related restrictions, the conference may be canceled and registration fee returned to participants at the earliest possible time.
  • Number of participants is limited.
  • Upon successful payment, you will receive an email with the exact location of the conference venue and all other information



For further details, please contact here :



2 days

250 €

2 DAYS conference

Location : Paris FRANCE

DATE : DECEMBER 3rd & 4th 2022

Cobra Event

Conference location

Paris, FRANCE 
You will receive the exact location just after your purchase.

reception info

ticket info

frequently asked questions

As soon as you purchase your ticket you will receive your QR code to access the conference.
For confidentiality reason the exact location of the event will be provided by email 48 hours before the day of the Event (please note however that it will be in Paris, France not far from the Eiffel tower).

The NDA text will be provided when you arrive at the conference location. You will need to complete and sign it before you show your QR Code to the team.
Please do not forget your pen !
Access to the conference will require the NDA

You will receive your ticket by email or you will be able to download it on the website just after your purchase. 

You will have 2 hours for having lunch. The organizer will not provide any beverage or food during the event. You will find next to the location several restaurants, a bakery and a supermarket. 

Yes, Cobra will bring Tachionized items and also stones. Payment and delivery of the products will be done directly at the conference location.

No. You need to organize your accomodation on your own.

After your purchase you will have the exact location of the event, you will receive your ticket and further information about the planning.

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